Corona Information

Dear customers and business partners,

due to tightened Covid-19 restrictions, there are delays in processing orders. This is not necessarily our fault, as it currently takes up to a week to receive the goods from our suppliers and manufacturers.

Therefore we ask for your understanding and patience. The processing time until your order is shipped can currently take up to 10 days (but usually 4-6 working days). This does not apply to orders with products of our own brand Norvine (will be shipped within 1-4 working days).

In order to keep the delays as small as possible, we order daily from our suppliers and manufacturers and ship - as far as possible - with faster shipping service providers (even when shipping is free of charge).

The shipping itself is currently, if, only slightly slower than usual.

Currently, a delivery to the USA and Canada takes on average 15 days. In Europe no special delays are to be expected. In Europe you can optionally and voluntarily choose DHL as your shipping service provider for a faster delivery, because the shipments with free shipping are all sorted in a hub before they are diverted to the respective countries and the shipping is thus delayed by 1-2 business days.

You are welcome to ask for a non-binding information before placing your order, how long the processing time and the delivery can take. Please use this form for this purpose: link.

Our customer service is of course at your disposal and we are happy to help you.


Düsseldorf HQ, 13 October 2020